Thursday, 19 November 2009

Honeymoon Killers- 'Til Death Do Us Part (1990)

So I just came across this fantastic blog tonight called "Frog 2000" due to a request from the blogger (which I wasn't able to fulfill unfortunately) and it's chocked full of incredibly hard to find garage rock gems like this album. Not only does the blog have every rare Honeymoon Killers album ever released but it also has just about every single impossible to find single from Pussy Galore, The Gories, Fireworks, 68 Comeback etc. and the list goes on. So I'm reposting this one mostly because I've never come across it anywhere and I've also converted it from the link's OGG files to a bit more universal MP3 format. Anyways, it's a great record from a great band, from a very cool blog.