Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Katastrophy Wife - Heart-On EP (2007)

This is the most recent release of Kat Bjelland's (Babes In Toyland) Katastrophy Wife. The single was suppose to be off of an upcoming album called "Pregnant" but here it is a few years later and still no LP. The title song is as heavy as anything she's ever done showing that she hasn't mellowed with age. It could have easily been on Babe's Dust Cake Boy single's b-side and you would never know there's almost 20 years between the two songs. It also includes a couple of different remixes of the song which I usually hate but turned out kind of interesting in this case. There's also an Iron Maiden cover which I wouldn't have known because I never listened to that shit but the moment I heard it I knew there was something really 80's sounding about it.