Thursday, 21 May 2009

Shiny Beast

So there was some interest shown in Shiny Beast in the comments from the Regraped post from a while back.  Like Regraped they are also from Raleigh, NC and share the same intensity.  This is a collection of just about everything they ever recorded.  Here's a brief history of the band that I've taken from their Myspace page: 

Shiny Beast started in Raleigh North Carolina in the summer of 1991 after the demise of a band that guitarist David Sullivan and myself were involved in for the previous year and a half, called Willard. I remember that David had come to my apartment one day to show me all of these cool ideas that could have saved Willard but alas it was too late. We found a bass player in the form of one Chicago area resident named Mike Meadows. Mike was a kickass drummer that recently re-located down here to play in his childhood friend Andy Freeburn’s band, Erectus Monotone. So we rehearsed a lot and settled on this name from an old Captain Beefheart record that David liked. Since none of us wanted to sing, we asked Mike Carden of the band Garbageman to sing a few songs, which he did. His caterwauling fit in nicely. After a few shows with Mike, we recorded the first demo. Five of these songs ended up coming out on Tom Flynn’s BONER RECORDS as a cd-5 and a single. It was too bad that SHINY BEAST never recorded anything that sounded anywhere as good as this stuff. This is why we never did a follow up with Tom. Afterwards, Mike had to leave our band due to his situation with Erectus Monotone, which is a story I don’t want to get into. Lets just say that even though Mike was an amazing musician, personality wise it never would have worked. Kim Walker ended up teaching herself how to play bass in literally a month, which was pretty amazing to behold. She joined the band and this is the lineup that most people saw if they ever in fact did see us, with the exception of Mike Carden leaving or us kicking him out, I don’t remember what happened. We never found anyone to replace him, so we just stayed instrumental out of laziness, probably. We recorded lots of demos and four tracks that no one ever heard because either they weren’t great or because we were lazy or because we didn’t bootlick the right people that could help us out. We tried, though. People seemed to like us around the Triangle area but it seemed to be more of a “musicians” band meaning that we had heard a lot of nice stuff from people in other bands in the area, big and small. We were also lumped in with the whole MATH ROCK thing, which was pretty accurate I guess. We liked stuff like the Melvins, anything Pen Rollings played on and a bunch of other stuff. Eventually towards the end of our existence, we were able to record some more music for a split album with us on one side and our friends Regraped on the other. Regraped were a mighty two bass driven power trio that we played with millions of times. The record came out on current Birds Of Avalon members Cheetie Kumar and Paul Siler’s label, BLAST O PLATTER records. Sure it sounded like shit, but that is no ones fault but the bands. We eventually called it a day and did a “last show” here in Raleigh that was captured on tape. Mike Carden even sang on a few songs. And that was all she wrote, kids. God bless and Amen.

Friday, 15 May 2009

The Honeymoon Killers - Sing Sing 1984-1994 (1997)

Sing Sing is a collection of demos, rehearsal recordings, and outtakes from The Honeymoon Killers decade long career.  The Honeymoon Killers was founded by Jerry Teel and Lisa Wells and had various members over the years including Jon Spencer (Pussy Galore, Blues Explosion), Christina Martinez (Boss Hog), Judah Bauer (Blues Explosion), Russell Simins (also Blues Explosion), Marcellus Hall (Railroad Jerk) and many others.  Jerry has had an interesting career after Honeymoon Killers with bands like Boss Hog, The Chrome Cranks, Knoxville Girls, Little PorkchopJerry Teel & The Big City Stompers and now to his current band The Lonesome Jerry Teel & Queen Pauline Review.  His bands started out as being really swampy lo-fi garage rock and over the years went into more of a country/bluegrass direction with Knoxville Girls and The Big City Stompers.  I'd seen Chrome Cranks play many times years ago when I lived in Chicago and would always talk to Jerry about music and he always just came off as being this cool laid back guy.  In fact I remember one conversation about his plans on bringing The Honeymoon Killers back which it turns out never happened.  I'm just finding out now much to my surprise that The Chrome Cranks have reunited!  In fact it looks like they're playing a show in Brooklyn tonight so if any New Yorkers are reading this and are looking for something to do I'd highly recommend checking it out.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

New Header

Thanks, Lisa.  I have a friend that has great photoshopping skills that's working on a better one that will do your drawings justice.  Coming soon... 

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Dig Dat Hole - Kneejerk (1987)

So I wrote about DDH a while back and posted an old demo of theirs and talked about their shelved debut album that never saw the light of day. I just found it myself and here it is. I think Tod and the guys were in their prime with the first few Cop Shoot Cop releases (Headkick Facsimile, Consumer Revolt, White Noise) and this was the record that preceded it and it's right up there with those albums. The only thing that hadn't quite reached the level of CSC is the lyrics. Some of the lyrics on Kneejerk are immature and sometimes just plain stupid. One of the things I really love about CSC was their clever insight about politics, religion, and whatever else was pissing them off at the time and Kneejerk just isn't really up to par lyrically with CSC in my opinion.