Friday, 14 November 2008

Dig Dat Hole - Demo (1986-1988?)

Dig Dat Hole was Tod Ashley's post-Shithaus/pre-Cop Shoot Cop band.  They never did release a proper album but they did get close.  The album that never came to be was titled Knee Jerk which was suppose to be released on Steve Albini's (at the time) Ruthless Records but it never happened for whatever reason.  Some of those songs are on this demo.  DDH also featured Cop Shoot Cop's Phil Puleo and The Black Snakes/Fireworks' Darin Lin Wood.


  1. I have to admit, having listened to Kneejerk a heckuvva lot, I'm tempted to say that I prefer Dig Dat Hole to CSC. Thanks for this AND Kneejerk!

  2. The sound of the band is very interesting, never heard them before, too bad they didn't released an album.