Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Alan Sparhawk - Solo Guitar (2006) & The Black-Eyed Snakes - Rise Up! (2003)

Alan Sparhawk - Solo Guitar
I really love when a musician can take a side project or solo record and make it completely different than their "full-time" band.  Otherwise what's really the point, right?  Low's Alan Sparhawk has a couple of other projects that really show his range.  Solo Guitar is much more abstract and experimental than the 2 chord minimal softcore of Low.  Sparhawks droning soundscapes give a dreamy affect achieved with the use of loops and reverb but it can also get quite intense at times.

Blacked-Eyed Snakes - Rise Up!
With BES's you can tell that Sparhawk just wanted to play something fun as opposed to the sometimes cold and depressing vibe of Low.  It's bluesy garage rock is a polar opposite of what you would expect from him.  I'm still amazed that that distorted howl is coming from the same guy whose whispers can sometimes barely be heard on the typical Low record.  For fans of The Glasspack.

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