Monday, 26 January 2009

Bright - Full Negative (or) Breaks (2000)

Bright are a band from Boston that have put out a handful of records over the last decade and still remain relatively obscure.  If you've heard one of their releases you've basically heard them all because they seem to stick to the same formula.  They simply strum away at those one or two chords with fuzzy overdubs and minimal (and only occasional) vocals.  Bright have a really catchy simplicity to them that I really like even though it's sometimes hard to distinguish one song from the next.  They kind of remind me of the early Deerhunter records but with old school influences like The Velvet Underground or Joy Division.


  1. I thank you, kind sir, for this post. Bright is too obscure a band, and any exposure is great.

  2. Wow!! I've listened to this album a countless times now that I got it off your blog. I wish I could watch this band live but that will never happen :(!
    I've been trying to find other albums but haven't succeeded. Could you be of any help?