Saturday, 11 April 2009

Gear Jammer - Horsepower 2000 (1994) & Two Tons Of Chrome (1990) (By Request)

A quick side-project of Tom Hazelmeyer's (Halo Of Flies) with Bill Hobsen (Killdozer) and Frank Thorpe (Like Hell).  As good if not better than Halo Of Flies if you ask me.  Each had a pressing of 800 copies.  Since I'm on the subject of Hazelmeyer, I have a request myself.  Does anyone out there have the Pogo The Clown's Lederhosen single that could hook me up?  I've been looking for that damn record for years...


  1. Don't have pogo the clown, but I can share The Jonny Cats with ya...

    Burrrns Rubber and Ode to Sergio


  2. I had been also looking for that record for years, I located a month ago in taringa, but the link as usual was down.