Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Scul Hazzards - Slaughtered Pigs (2009)

This is to tide you over until the upcoming LP Landlord comes out, which should be any day now.  Scul Hazzards are a band from Australia that fits perfectly with just about everything we write about on this blog.  Just good old fashioned noise rock.  In fact it even includes a cover of Big Black's Kerosene.  Speaking of Big Black, they happen to have just started a European tour with fellow Aussie's My Disco.  This would be a "guilt free" download that they've offered themselves for free on their Myspace page.  So try it out then buy the upcoming LP which I'm sure will be fantastic.


  1. Saw these guys in Madrid,Spain for 2 EURO
    one of the best shows of 2008,great noise-rock in the vein of BIG BLACK,in fact they have put a 7" with a cover of B.B.

  2. what a interesting cover, is soo artistic, well now let's talking aobut this LP, in my opinion I don't like it so much, in fact I expected a little more from this band.

  3. Well i never listen this people, i'm gonna download it right now, thanks