Thursday, 11 June 2009

Brain Banger - Yellow Belly (2007)

OK... so I'll throw in one more Young Widows related band while I'm at it. This is Widow's bass player Nick Thieneman's side project. If you like Young Widows you'll like this.


  1. been trying to find this record forever but didn't want to purchase it without hearing it first.
    thank you so much. I now know that it's 100% rad.
    anything associated with the Young Widows fucking rips.

  2. You should buy it then.

  3. Yes you should. I know I did. The intention of this blog is to promote and introduce bands that we like to our readers. I know the reason that I'm aware that Brain Banger exists is because of reading music blogs similar to ours. We've never discouraged purchasing records by the bands we write about, in fact we want just the opposite as stated in the upper right hand column. Generally speaking this blog post primarily records that are out of print but if there's a band that really excites me I sometimes make an exception. If there's ever a request by a label or band to remove a download link that's what we promptly do. I do think about the whole "download link" thing sometimes and whether it's the thing to do or not. It seems like for every complaint we have by a label or band (there hasn't been may) there's like 10 comments by band members thanking us for our review/praise. I still don't know what to think about it. I've never posted a leaked album and don't see the point in writing about records that everyone already has or knows. I just think the internet is a great way to discover new bands that I would have never heard otherwise. There's many times I've downloaded something from a music blog and ended up liking what I heard then payed to go to their show and maybe bought a t-shirt or whatever. Maybe that's just me trying to justify this but that's definitely been true in my case anyways. I'm no longer interested in writing about bands that you can find on every other blog out there which is why my posts are so infrequent these days. I'm just hoping people might discover a new band by reading this blog which I hope would ultimately benefit the band and not hurt them. So if you (Anonymous) want the download link removed just say the word and it's done.

  4. hey, do you have their first demo by chance? if so can you post it?

    thanks a million!

  5. I never listen about this band, but well thanks i'm gonna listen it in my house on night, thanks