Thursday, 11 June 2009

Young Widows - Split Singles (2009)

So Young Widows are jumping on the increasingly popular "split single" bandwagon and brought Pelican, My Disco, Melt Banana and even Bonnie Prince Billy along for the ride. I guess it's a good way to introduce some of your friends bands to new people. In this case with maybe the exception of My Disco none of these bands are particularly obscure. So I guess maybe it could work the other way around and it could be used as a way to introduce Young Widows to new people. Either way I guess it works out to be a win/win situation. I've been singing the praises of Young Widows many times already on this blog and they are probably my favorite band at the moment. What I love about these songs is that they're just as good as anything they've put out on their LP's. They don't have that "studio outtake/cutting room floor" feel to them like a lot of split singles do. If you put the 4 songs together it would make for a great EP.


  1. A very nice treat. thanks.

  2. 2 songs didn't work.

  3. I have listened a few songs of this band and they really have talent. The music could be better, but lyrics are perfect. I guess they should change only some details to get the fame they deserve.