Thursday, 13 August 2009

Goat Witch - Blind (2005), Naked (2006) & On Fire (2009)

Goat Witch are another collaboration band much like my previous post of the Moon Phantoms album. The Melbourne bands Spider Goat Canyon and Fire Witch got together and spent two days in a studio recording a improvised jam session that resulted in the trilogy of Blind, Naked and On Fire. This link is for all 3 albums. They sound surprisingly tight and together considering it's all just being made up on the spot. Me, not being a musician myself, am so amazed how two different bands can just get together one day and create music from absolutely nothing and make it sound like it's been written and rehearsed for weeks. It makes more sense when it's solo'ish guitar noodling with a basic repetitious rhythm section like the band "Earthless" or free-jazz etc. It's just when a band can really follow each other with different movements and time changes and make it seem so seamless without any prior rehearsals it's really impressive to me. But like I said I'm not a musician and can't really relate. Maybe it's just instinctual for some people I guess. Thanks to Sludge Swamp for these albums that were recently posted on their site. I just basically took it from them and put it together into one link.


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