Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Moon Phantoms - S/T (2009)

Moon Phantoms is a collaboration between the bands Bardo Pond and Suishou No Fune from Japan. This record came about as most of these collaboration records do by two bands doing a tour together, hitting it off and deciding it would be fun to record a session together. Here's a review I'm stealing from Aquarius Records who always seem to sum up the mood of an album perfectly in just a few sentences:
"Deep in the forest ethno-drones, drenched in buzz and shimmer. Sitar, guitar, cumbas and all sorts of percussion create exquisite layers psych drone Nirvana that will transport you to another dimension. Strangely peaceful, the music we hear in our heads when we lay in grass at night staring at the stars."
This vinyl only release was limited to 500 copies.


  1. I've been downloading a lot of music like this one. I really love this category, specially they effects. I think we need more bloggers like you, with this musical sense. Aquarius Records has been raising the expectation.

  2. gr8 gr8 gr8 !