Friday, 11 December 2009

H.O.F. - The Gay Witch Abortion Sessions (2009)

I uploaded this one for a friend and just figured I'd throw it up here while I'm at it. Tom Hazelmeyer's H.O.F. did a collaboration with fellow Minneapolis band Gay Witch Abortion and released this EP in conjunction with a art exhibit/concert called "NON Consensual POST Dada CONSTRUCTIVIST Cerebral WARTS." You can read about it here on the AmRep message board (which I frequent a lot and is unfortunately underused) or here. I have a friend who went to it and said it was a great time. The whole security camera thing seemed interesting and I would have loved to check out Haze perform live which is RARE event. I may be wrong on this but I bet it's been over a good decade since he's hit the stage. It's limited to 100 copies and were sold at the show for $70 which you can also buy here for those of you who have deep enough pockets to fork out $10 per song.