Friday, 17 April 2009

Celan - Halo (2009)

Celan is a new band fronted by Chris Spencer of Unsane with Ari Benjamin Meyers (Einsturzende Neubauten), Niko Wenner (Oxbow) and a few guys from a German band called flu.ID which I've never heard of before.  Much like Spencer's last side-project The Cutthroats 9 it doesn't really go in any new direction from what Unsane's been doing for the last 20 years.  But hey, "If it ain't broke why fix it" right?  Although that may not be entirely true.  The album artwork has roses on it as opposed to bloody corpses.  The song "Washing Machine" is a simple gentle piano piece and the final track "Lunchbox" has a slower meditative build which won't be found elsewhere on this album.  The rest is the pissed-off pummeling that you'd expect from Spencer and he probably wouldn't have it any other way.

Rema-Rema - Wheel In The Roses EP (1980)

This is the sole release by the short-lived Rema-Rema, which was just re-released by 4AD a few years ago. Featuring a side of studio and live recordings each, the music is very bass and feedback-heavy. You might know them from Big Black's excellent cover of their titular song "Rema-Rema."

Egg Hunt - Me and You (1986)

During a visit to London in Spring 1986, Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson were invited by the Southern Records founder to do some recording. They recorded four songs, and to commemorate the great time they had, they issued this single. The music itself is surprisingly proggy - kinda like a cross between Embrace (Ian's Embrace, not the shitty one) and Rush.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Scul Hazzards - Slaughtered Pigs (2009)

This is to tide you over until the upcoming LP Landlord comes out, which should be any day now.  Scul Hazzards are a band from Australia that fits perfectly with just about everything we write about on this blog.  Just good old fashioned noise rock.  In fact it even includes a cover of Big Black's Kerosene.  Speaking of Big Black, they happen to have just started a European tour with fellow Aussie's My Disco.  This would be a "guilt free" download that they've offered themselves for free on their Myspace page.  So try it out then buy the upcoming LP which I'm sure will be fantastic.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Gear Jammer - Horsepower 2000 (1994) & Two Tons Of Chrome (1990) (By Request)

A quick side-project of Tom Hazelmeyer's (Halo Of Flies) with Bill Hobsen (Killdozer) and Frank Thorpe (Like Hell).  As good if not better than Halo Of Flies if you ask me.  Each had a pressing of 800 copies.  Since I'm on the subject of Hazelmeyer, I have a request myself.  Does anyone out there have the Pogo The Clown's Lederhosen single that could hook me up?  I've been looking for that damn record for years...

Friday, 10 April 2009

Bob Log III - My Shit Is Perfect (2009)

This is the only music that makes me want to dance.  And this is coming from someone who loathes dancing.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Steel Pole Bath Tub - Scars From Falling Down (1995) (By Request)

This was requested a while back and I've been pretty busy lately so sorry for the delay.  SPBT's major label debut isn't their best but it's not half bad either.  Maybe a little more produced than their other releases.  I hadn't listened to this one in a long while before today but I'm liking it more now than I remember.  The first track in particular is pretty catchy and has been stuck in my head all day.  Slash Records dropped the band after this one record and the fact that they hated it that much means it must have something going for it.