Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Lords Of Falconry - Lords Of Falconry (2011)

Lords Of Falconry is a duo from Portland consisting of Steven Wray Lodbell (Davis Redford Triad, Sufi Mind Game, Faust) on guitar and Sammy James (Fireballs Of Freedom) on drums. It's probably the most straight forward rock band that Lodbell's ever been involved with. Here's a description I'm stealing from the label's website...

Lords of Falconry are a rock group with a spectacular psychedelic edge. Songs blast green, inferno-like hard rock, funneling clouds and stripping away sludge, turning it into the waltz-like sound of mastodons stomping across the tundra. Classic heavy psych is alive in tracks that interweave soft voices and loud guitars that continuously pummel and enchant at every turn like a seven-headed cobra. C.S. Lewis had better watch his step!
If psychedelia is quixotically naive, then Lords of Falconry is its 21st-century doppelganger or spectral double wise to the ways of the fallen world. In an era of organized play dates and close parental supervision, there are already enough people ready to cooperate. Lords of Falconry offers what is missing--real rock music.
Formed in a quest to find the lost note, Lords of Falconry examines the intersection of a mystical crossroads between the fourth dimension and their own 3-D universe.

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