Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Megaupload Shut Down

It seems as though Megaupload has been shut down due to a pending lawsuit. Read the story here. And wouldn't you know it, it just happens to be the hosting site that the majority of Sister Hell's downloads were uploaded to. Aside from some of my more recent posts that have been uploaded to Mediafire, most all of the past download links are now inactive. I don't plan on re-uploading all of these past links but if someone just HAS to have something I may consider it with enough persistent convincing. The majority of my posts are records that are now out of print. As for the occasional ones that are still in print I recommend making a trip to your local record store and buying a copy of any album written about here. That was always the intent of this blog from the very beginning. As for future downloads I plan to use another hosting site.

1 comment:

  1. Gutted. Thank you though.. for all the good stuffs... shame I hadn't come across this site earlier on... but what I did find was GOLD! Good luck for the future :)