Friday, 12 December 2008

Garage Rock "Combo Pack" with Bob Log III - Trike (1999), Fireworks - Lit Up (1997) & Yikes - Whoa Comas Or Blood Bomb (2007)

I really love scuzzy lo-fi garage rock. There are a few artists playing today that take Garage, Rockabilly, Country, Delta Blues and execute it in a punk rock fashion. So I threw together a couple of my favorites into one RAR file.

Bob Log III is a one man band that evolved out of the break up of his two man band Doo Rag. Trike features tit clapping used as a instrument on some of the songs.  I'm not kidding.  I always imagine walking into some hole-in-the-wall strip club in the south and seeing a stripper sliding down a pole to the songs on this album.

Fireworks is a band Darin Lin Wood (Black Snakes, Blacktop, Dig Dat Hole) started in Dallas and it definitely has more of a Garage sound than his previous bands (all of which I've already posted on this blog).  The difference with Fireworks is that it really is "his" band this time.

Yikes is another project of John Dwyer (Pink And Brown, Coachwhips, Thee Oh See's and about a dozen other bands...) so if you are familiar with him you already know what to expect.  Similar to Bob Log but maybe even more distorted and raw.


  1. do you have this available on mediafire? for some reason i cant get this to work. love this site, any Cows fan is a friend of mine. I was doing shots with Shannon in Fargo a month or so ago at their Heroin Shiekes gig. I would like to recommend Those Poor Bastards. The new album "Satan is Watching" is great. All their shit is great

  2. excellent site! thank you! keep it up!