Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Lowercase - The Going Away Present (1999)

This album was already posted by me in the comments somewhere on this blog before I was a contributor and I thought I'd bring it up front to any readers who may have missed it.  The Going Away Present is one of my favorite albums of all time.  It should really be a lot more well known than it is.  It's not as heavy as their earlier records but also not as emo as Imaad's post-Lowercase music.  It's just kind of a perfect combination of the two.  More mature than their first two albums but still has the aggression that's missing from Alaska, Folk Implosion etc.  The bands progression reminds of Nirvanas actually.  Just the simplicity and the same sort of dynamics as Nirvana even though they don't actually sound much a like.  If people had actually heard this they could have maybe reached that level of popularity.  Ok, well maybe half that level of popularity...


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  2. I already legitimately own all three lowercase albums - but props for putting them on here...this and kill the lights are up amongst my favourite albums.

  3. great band and great record!!! Kill The Lights is TOPS in my book.

  4. Yeah I love "Kill The Lights." "You're A King" in particular I've always been drawn to. I've just never heard anyone sing a song quite like that. Sure there's bands out there that scream a lot, but there's something unique about that song that's hard to put into words for me.

  5. wave your rights....indeed.