Thursday, 13 November 2008

Shithaus - Live Crush (1985)

This is an even rarer Jon Spencer release than Exile On Main Street.  With even worse sound quality if you can believe that.  But once again, it's a great collectible for the die hard Spencer fan.  This was his first band (that I'm aware of anyways) that he started with future Cop Shoot Cop founder Tod Ashley.  Shithaus was a short lived band that he was in while attending Brown University and it's compiled of some live performances and a radio show that they performed for under the moniker Knocked-Up Teens.  It's really a good mix of the PigFuck sound of Pussy Galore and the more industrial side of Cop Shoot Cop.


  1. Two words: Holy Shit.

    I'ma luvva dis blog!

  2. Very good band, thanks for sharing, until now I have find just one cd.