Friday, 7 November 2008

J. Spaceman - Guitar Loops (2006)

Guitar Loops is a solo album from Jason Spaceman of Spacemen 3/Spiritualized.  It's kind of a experimental guitar exercise more than actual songs.  It's one 35 minute track can go from an almost silent hum to a thrashing freakout with all kinds of weird shit in between.  It could maybe fall into the John Zorn/Tzadik kind of scene I guess.  This is for Jason what Colossus Of Destiny was for the Melvins.  I think a lot of people that like Spiritualized may hate this where as a lot of people that may not like Spiritualized might like it.  Or they could be like me who likes everything he does.  Just don't write it off after the first few minutes, I think it really needs to be listen to through it's entirety.  Then delete it if you don't like it.


  1. Thanks.
    I had it on CD so now it's good to have it on MP3.

  2. ta for this, not heard it/of it before.never liked 'spiritualized' either...but this is great....cheers

  3. this record rocks, lots of dynamics! Listened to it for the first time riding a train through Colorado. Dramatic mountain-scapes and wide open deserts...