Friday, 6 February 2009

Bellini - Small Stones (2005)

More Uzeda was requested a while back but I've decided to refrain from posting any Touch & Go/Quarterstick Records at this point.  They never seem to stay active for very long and if they feel that their bands need no more exposure or praise by blogs like ours I will oblige and no longer post records by their label.  Although I don't entirely agree I want to respect the label's wishes.  They've put out some of my favorite records of all time and I own "physical" copies of maybe half the label's catalog including all of Uzeda's releases.  So for those of you looking for Uzeda's music can purchase their MP3's at the Itunes music store or head on down to your local record store.  What I will post is Bellini which features Uzeda's Agostino Tilotta and Giovanna Cacciola.  If you like Uzeda there's no reason you shouldn't like this.  I honestly can't tell much of a difference between the two bands.  The original line-up featured Don Caballero's Damon Che who is one of my favorite drummers of all time but from what I hear is major douche-bag and difficult to deal with as a fellow bandmate.  Having never met the guy, I say this purely based on what I've heard and read.  According to Wikipedia he left the band in the middle of a show and bailed out on the band mid-tour.  They replaced him with Girls Against Boys drummer Alexis Fleisig and to be honest I actually prefer the album they recorded with him (Small Stones) over the one they did with Che (Snowing Sun).  After the return of Uzeda with their fantastic album Stella, I kind of thought that that was it for Bellini but according to their Myspace page  they are still very much active and have a new album in the works.


  1. wow this band goes

  2. thanks for this. i love uzeda and was lucky enough to see them a few years ago. what i've hard from bellini has been relatively disappointing but it's worth trying again... joe

  3. Bellini is an international indie rock/math rock band, and I have been in Italy and I went to one of thier concerts in Roma, so I think that they are spectacular and their music has so good message!!!