Monday, 23 February 2009

Scorn - Vae Solis (1992)

I wrote about Justin Broadrick's lesser known projects a while ago but forgot all about Scorn's first record.  He's had so damn many bands it's easy to overlook one or two.  Scorn has Justin reuniting with his ex-Napalm Death bandmates Mick Harris and Nik Bullen.  Broadrick played guitar on Vae Solis only and Harris would continue with the band and produced several more albums after his departure.  Scorn is really Harris' band but I have to mention Broadrick because the album is much more along the lines of Godflesh than it is Napalm Death.


  1. Awesome post and a long out of print gem..

    Technically the band was Nik and Micks.. Justin was just asked to help out on record, and Paul Neville (Godflesh/Fall Of Because) actually did the touring with them.

    Much like Napalm Death, when Nik left Scorn, Mick needed to keep a job and kept the name and took it in a completely different direction.
    Just like when ND broke up and he decided he wanted to take the name and run off with the credo they already built, he shouldve changed the name and started something new.

  2. thanks great band

  3. I never heard them before, Im very impress that the band is not that famous or known for the public, they are good.