Thursday, 5 February 2009

New Brutalism - 2001-2003: Turbo Record/A Record Of American Fury/+2 (2005) (By Request)

Here's another record by New Brutalism.  These guys are from Knoxville, TN and make their own aluminum guitars.  It's a collection of a two of their EP's and a couple of unreleased tracks.  Like I said before this is for fans of Shellac.  In fact this was recorded by Shellac's Bob Weston.  Thanks to Hooky for the high praise.  I was starting think I was doing all of this for nothing.


  1. great album. thanks for the post.

  2. At last, my long search is over. thanks again, COD. If any more of this comes your way, there'd be at least one reader delighted it you fling it up.... Hooky

  3. Hey! You're not doing this for nothin', I'm LOVING your blog. There is some AMAZING music here that I missed out on first time around, as well as classics that I only have on vinyl. THANK YOU.