Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Justin Broadrick

I've been listening to Justin Broadricks music ever since the 80's and has always been one of my favorite musicians.  He's most known for Godflesh and Jesu which are the bands which has produced the bulk of his best material.  I'm not going to be posting any of these records (for this particular post anyways) because I figured that anyone interested in his music is probably already familiar these bands.  Jesu links in particular seems to be on just about every music blog and forum out there it seems.  I'm posting some of his lesser known projects, although if anyone is looking for Jesu or Godflesh just let me know and I can fullfill the request.

Fall Of Because - Life Is Easy (1999)
Broadricks first band that would eventually evolve into Godflesh in a sense.  He sang and played drums in this band but would later start Godflesh with FOB's bass player G.C. Green.  They never actually released a album while they were still together but some demos and live material was compiled together and released in 1999 as Life Is Easy.  All of these where made sometime between 82' and 86.'

Head Of David - Dustbowl (1988)
This was the very first Justin Broadrick record that I purchased back in 88' and it's still one of my favorites of his.  HOD is his band after a short stint as a guitar player with Napalm Death that recorded Scum with him at the tender age of 16.  Ok, so I just wanted to include "tender" and "Napalm Death" in the same sentence.  Ha!  Apparently he was kind obsessed with Swan's Filth and Cop at the time and it really shows in his primal drumming style.

Sweet Tooth - Soft White Underbelly (1990)
This was a quick one record project that he did with Head Of David's Dave Cochrane.  Justin's playing guitar and singing back-up vocals on this one.  The trio also features some fantastic drumming from Slab's Scott Kiehl.

God - The Anatomy Of Addiction (1994)
Justin teams up once again with Dave Cochrane on this one.  Since I'm on the subject of Broadrick/Cochrane collaborations I just wanted to mention that there's a new project they're doing with Aaron Turner called Grey Machine that's going to be releasing an album soon.  I'm really looking forward to this one.  So Anatomy Of Addiction is pretty much in the same vein as Godflesh's music at the time but with touches of jazz.  There's a little saxophone on here as well as some jazzy drumming in certain songs.


  1. Great post: I saw Sweet Tooth play years ago in Birmingham, definitely well worth a download. God album's solid too, although nothing compares to seeing them live.

  2. Anatomy Of Addiction is IMHO one of the all time best records ever made. Period.