Saturday, 21 March 2009

Bull - Tinbox (1990)

So I posted an album by this band on the old blog and kept on referring back to this single in my review and said I'd post this once I got around to ripping vinyl.  So here it is.  I'm just going to steal the story of this recording from their Myspace page. 

bull was Dave Riley, ex-Big Black/ Mike Meadows, ex-Hedonists, ex-Shiny Beast/ Kevin Drumm ////// the three songs you are listening to were originally released in 1992 as TINBOX on the Philadelphia-based COMPULSIVE RECORDS. as the story goes, after a night of hard drinking and a $250 bar tab later, dave and i decided to hit the studio. dave's only stipulations were that i kept him well-supplied with booze, cigarettes and a place to sleep for a couple of nights. being that he was unemployed and homeless, i agreed. the results of that session was TINBOX. TINBOX was written, rehearsed and recorded in about three hours on a cold friday night in some basement shithole recording studio on Chicago's north side. bull played one show following the release of TINBOX at club DREAMERZ that ended abruptly when dave fell down face first stinking drunk during the beginning of the set. bull was never a band, barely even a recording project. there was one more release on Homestead Records and without dave, for obvious reasons. i still can't believe HOMESTEAD released that damn thing. in my opinion, and i'm sure i'm not alone here, that record was a total complete piece of shit; the only exceptions being the production and some of kevin's guitar work. the joke was on homestead and anybody who shelled out their hard-earned cash for it. the soon-to-be released re-issue of TINBOX marks the final chapter for bull... mike


  1. i have this single. bought it when it came out. i always enjoyed it, but then, i am a completist.

    riley was a member of the midnight funk association, and a real 'bitch magnet', as we all know...

  2. Thanks for posting this. My buddy bought this 7" when it came out and always played it at the wrong speed.

    I can only listen to the one song though (the MP4 file) because the other two are AIFF-C files, which I suspect are only easily playable on a Macintosh -- they won't play on any of my Windows software (or XBMC for that matter) and LAME refuses to encode them. Any chance that someone could encode these to MP3 or something more cross-platform? I would appreciate it.

  3. You know I was trying to listen to this on my ipod in my car the other day and it just skipped past two of the songs. I couldn't figure it out and was going to look into it later which I then of course forgot about. But you're right. This "Final Vinyl" ripping software I've been using exports everything in AIFF for some reason then I've been converting it into AAC's after I import them into Itunes. So sorry I guess I wasn't paying attention and forgot to convert those other songs. So I reuploaded it and it should be working fine now.

  4. this rules. it doesn't suck.

  5. another good post bro! as usual you have the right information and so complete compilation of albums and songs, thanks for this time my bro.