Sunday, 29 March 2009

Earth - 070796 Live (2001)

This is a live recording from the Vienna Hyperstrings Festival whose date compromises the album title.  This is the last material Earth was playing before Dylan Carlson took a long leave of absence and disappeared for a few years into drug rehab.  And by the sound of these song he was probably at the peak of his addiction.  I personally think this is some of their best work.  It's kind of like the link between the sound of the old Earth to the new.  It's really the last of the thick drone that Earth is most known for before returning years later to the cleaner sound that they are today.  This record had a bit of controversy behind it which you can read about here and is quite rare with a pressing of only 500 copies.


  1. thank you ! great music, i´m fan of your blog.
    greetings from spain (is pain).

  2. also a spain reader here
    salud amigos!
    thanks for this post, I didn´t know about this recording, looks great
    I didn´t know that Dylan used to do heroin either


  3. Vienna Hyperstrings Festival is one of my favorites events! I think you're doing an important "blog-job" here, posting and searching useful information. All is about good material to adding and you always contribute on it, anyway I really liked that band and those sounds are incredible.

  4. Excellent album because I like the live albums, this is perfect because I can get the most excellent sounds, besides I'd like to find out a DVD of that concert.