Friday, 20 March 2009

Foetus/Chrome Cranks - Vice Squad Dick (1994)

Vice Squad Dick is a split single by NYC's Foetus and Chrome Cranks.  They both do a cover of a song originally written and recorded by a guy called Dick Uranus.  Yep that's right "Dick Uranus."  Never heard of the guy but I googled him and was able to find the original version here.  The Foetus side is pretty typical sounding for the band but I like it.  The Chrome Cranks side, which I prefer, has a bit more of a raunchy vibe to it.


  1. Great Blog, what happened to Cod?
    Do you have any Garage Monsters and/or Baby Zizanie?
    More rare Swans/Gira/Jarboe would be most welcome!
    Many thanks.

  2. Excellent way to post something banal, I think this kind of music is the worst thing ever invented. I can't believe in this garage band, they won't let the music flow. All is about decency and they haven't scrupulous.

  3. yeah one of the best band in it age, my older borther talk me about this band, and when I told him about this post, he was hours and hours in front of the PC looking for all the different blogs.

  4. I DON'T LIKE very much this genre, but this band is so fabulous, I love their singing and their style, thank for posting...