Friday, 13 March 2009

Melvins - On Tour & Gypsy Soul Demos (1992/1993?)

This is a bootleg I downloaded a few years ago off of Soulseek. It contains four songs that are demo versions from Houdini tracks, so if you at all like the Melvins, be sure to download it. The sound quality is pretty good, but I know nothing of the sessions - it sounds like they have a second guitarist on some of it, perhaps Kurt Cobain, who is definitely playing the very watery guitar on the demo of Sky Pup.

To make up for the live stuff that (judging by the title) probably came with the full boot, I direct you to the very excellent Melvins Goldmine.


  1. Thanks for this one dude, didnt know it was outthere

  2. I deleted it after I received a lawsuit threat over something posted.