Monday, 2 March 2009

Gnomes Of Zurich - Where Poland Meets Africa/Staring Contest (1995)

Gnomes Of Zurich is the follow-up band of Janitor Joe (see below) members Joachim Breuer (also of Bastards, see four below) and Matt Ensminger (also of more RAM, see three below).  Starting to see a pattern here?  Guess that's just how my mind works, one post leads to the next.  Anyways, Gnomes are kind of along the lines of Janitor Joe but a little less abrasive.  Although it's my least favorite of Breuer's bands this single isn't half bad.  I had their one LP called 33rd Degree Burns at one time but I didn't really care for it much and I think I sold it.  But after listening to this 7" for the first time since maybe the day I bought it, I think I've changed my mind about the band.  I'd like to give the LP another chance if anyone out there could hook me up with it?


  1. you'll have 33rd by tonight if this Soulseeker stays online long enough for the download to finish...seems like GoZ had 2 songs on SCALE 080 an AmRep 7" called NAMBLA/fight song or something like that back in 1996 the same year as 33rd ...


    33rd Degree Burns @ V2/VBR

  3. 3 more singles

    Dispencer 7"
    Nambla-Fight Song 7"
    Couch of Consultation 7"

    6 songs @ 192kbps

  4. This has nothing to do with anything, but I saw this linked from David Wm Sims's blog and I am very jealous.