Friday, 10 October 2008

The Birthday Party - The Bad Seed (1982) & Mutiny! (1983)

Maybe everyone reading this blog already has this but I think it's time I posted what I consider and old "classic."  The last two Birthday Party EP's are not only what I consider the best of the band's records but also the best of Nick Cave's entire career which now spans about 30 years.  Now this is just a opinion, but these EP's along with the first Bad Seeds' album is really Nick Cave in his prime.  These EP's have their most brutal songs (Swampland) and their most beautiful songs (Jennifers Veil, Wide World).  I can't think of a album that I've had for this long that I still listen to on a fairly regular basis.  I've also included a cool clip of the Mutiny recording sessions. 


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  1. yeah.. i have this. on LP. and i can't listen to it on my ipod. now i can. thanks man.