Sunday, 12 October 2008

June Of 44 - The Anatomy Of Sharks (1996)

This EP came to mind while I was posting The Crownhate Ruin link (see below) because it features the only song (Seemingly Endless Steamer) that bass player Fred Erskine ever sang for the band.  It also has Sharks & Sailors which might be JO44's best song ever.  JO44 is probably most well known as Jeff Mueller's (Rodan, Shipping News) band but also featured Sean Meadows (Lungfish) and their amazing drummer Doug Scharin (Codiene, Rex).  This EP is a must for any math-rock fan.


  1. man i missed this when it came up. if you can repost that would be cool.

  2. indeed, a re-up would be groovy if you get the chance.