Friday, 17 October 2008

Crain - Heater (1994)

Louisville's Crain were active when the small southern town was going through sort of a musical renaissance.  There was so much good music coming out of Louisville in the early 90's and Crain sometimes get overlooked in that scene.  They kind of remind me of a more raw Guzzard and would maybe fit in well with most of the Discord Records roster.  Crain's other album Speed was reissued a few years ago by Temporary Residence Records but Heater was not for some reason.  I think it's every bit as good as Speed if not better.


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  2. There will never be a password with anything I post although there was something wrong with it. A damaged file or something. I fixed it and it should work now.

  3. best blog!

    thanks for this one I only have it on vinyl.