Sunday, 12 October 2008

The Crownhate Ruin - Until The Eagle Grins (1996)

The Crownhate Ruin was short-lived follow up band of Hoover members Fred Erskine and Joe McRedmond.  They pretty much sound like Hoover in a lot of ways, maybe with angrier shouted vocals.  They're kind of a mix between hardcore punk and math-rock.  For fans of any band on Discord Records.


  1. this record is a classic. never get tired of the dischord catalog, you always keep on finding stuff that you didn´t really pay attention to at the time.
    that happened to me with the crownhate ruin and also with regulator watts (awesome band)

    god bless Hoover and its members!

  2. what's the psw? it's asking for an authorization code.

  3. November 2008 at 14:37

    any chance of the password?