Friday, 19 September 2008

Alasehir - Philosophy Of Living Fire (2007)

Alasehir is one of many Bardo Pond side projects.  They have their own studio called the "Lemur House" (which may be the actual house they live in but I'm not positive about this) and crank out limited CD-R's all the time.  The songs are long improvised jams that they could probably do in their sleep but I tend to prefer these to the more "official" Bardo Pond records.  Just great trippy zoning-out-to music.  It's like granola for noise-rock fans.


  1. what is the psw?

  2. There is no password although I tried to download it myself and it only extracted 2 of the 3 songs for some reason. So I created a new link and it should work now.