Saturday, 20 September 2008

Bull - Gordon Zone (1993)

I first came across Bulls music because I bought their first 7" solely based on the fact that it had a sticker on it that said "with members of Big Black."  That member was Dave Riley and this was his first band after Big Black.  Unfortunately I don't have MP3's of this single but you can hear all the songs on a Myspace page that was basically dedicated to this single.  I do have their follow up EP without Riley called "The Gordon Zone."  It's sloppy guitar style is reminiscent of early Cows and it's just as heavy as the first single, it just no longer had the "Ex-Big Black" label attached to it.  You can learn more about Dave's kind of sad life by reading his blog.  I think this record's not bad when you consider the terrible review it got on the aforementioned Myspace page.  And this was coming from the drummer himself.


  1. this is a great album. Mike meadows was in Shiny Beast before this band as well. Their single on Boner Records in the 90's was TOPS. I have been looking for this 7" for day i will stumble upon it.

  2. Hey anonymous... Do you happen to have any "Shiny Beast" music you'd be willing to upload? I see that the did have one LP.

  3. "...Dave's kind of sad life..."

    Sad, no. Made irritating by reactionary dumbasses, yes.