Sunday, 28 September 2008

Bastards - Monticello (1989)

Bastards were a noise rock band from Minneapolis.  They only put out this one LP and a couple of singles which were also included on the eventual CD version of Monticello.  They were one of the few bands on the overlooked Treehouse Records label.  Treehouse had a lot of great bands (Cows, Babes In Toyland, TVBC etc.) from Minneapolis that would eventually move on to other labels but released some really great singles in it's short existance.  Monticello being one of the few full lenght LP's that the label produced from what I recall.  For fans of Killdozer and Feedtime.


  1. Been enjoying this all day, thanks.
    Treehouse was great!

  2. I love this utterly, but I really don't like Killdozer at all, so I don't get the recommendation