Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Jon Spencer

Pussy Galore - Historia De La Musica Rock (1990)
This was Pussy Galore's last album and probably the most overlooked.  It's a stripped down line-up of just Spencer, Haggerty and Bert.  It's the one PG record that wasn't reissued by Matador Records and has been long out of print.  I wouldn't say this is their best album but I think it represents kind of a transition from the old Spencer to the new.  This one has got more of a laid-back rock & roll groove to it compared to their harsher early albums.  You can really see Blues Explosion and Royal Trux right around the corner after this one.

Boss Hog - Action Box (1991)
Action Box was a double 7" that at one time was fetching $100+ for record collectors.  Although I think I saw it at Amoeba Music in Hollywood for more like $20 now if anyone wants to dig for it.  Action Box is Boss Hog in their prime in my opinion.  It's a little more focused with a much cleaner production than the previous album Cold Hands but still a little edgier and raunchy than later albums.  With Black Throat as an ode to Tracy Lords as a prime example, which also features guest vocals by J.G. Thrilwell (Foetus).  There is some good news for Boss Hog fans with the news that they are reuniting for the upcoming All Tomorrows Parties.  Not sure if this is a one time deal or not. 
Honeymoon Killers - Hung Far Low (1991)
So Spencer was more of a day-player on this record.  It's always been Jerry Teel's band.  What's significant about Spencers stint with Honeymoon Killers is that the birth of Blues Explosion kind of developed out of it.  With Russell Simins on drums and Judah Bauer also being a contributor of the band.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Jukebox Explosion Rockin' Mid-90s Punkers! (2007)
In The Red Records would periodically put out jukebox singles for JSBX back in the 90's.  They even had the little paper labels with the song titles that would be used in old fashioned jukeboxes included with the 7"s.  This is a compilation of them all.  I actually think it's better than most of their proper LP's.  These songs are a lot more raw and not so over produced.


  1. Thanks! What's that song you have playing here btw? It's awesome!

  2. It's off of Hammerhead's "Duh, The Big City." And yes I agree, it is awesome.

  3. Another great post. Love JSBX. Orange is almost a flawless album in my opinion and love everything before that, but not a fan of the later stuff so much. Another band I was lucky enough to see. I didn't have this Pussy Galore album, and did not even know about the Honeymoon Killers, so, once again, thanks for the further enlightenment.


  4. I think the later stuff holds up ... the Extra Acme is great (better than Acme), and the much maligned is a great Stones record... the Blues Explosion Exile if you will (some real connections with Exile on it like Dr John playing, Steve Jordan of Xpensive WInos producing etc)...and lastly the new record is a great rock and roll record.. its just less punk is what it is... and the live shows have never been better ... go check them out

  5. I meant the much maligned "Plastic Fang" obviously..check out Point of View..killer tune!