Monday, 8 September 2008

Qui - Love's Miracle (2007)

Since this seems to be David Yow week here at COD I figured I post his latest offering.  I hesitated even posting this because I assumed everyone was already aware of this album but since we've had some requests for Jesus Lizard records maybe there are some of you that may still need an introduction.  So I believe I saw Yow's first ever show with Qui a while back playing at this little club in Hollywood called 3 Clubs.  The band, who originated as a 2 piece, played most of the set without him then he joined in at the end for just a few songs.  One of them being a cover of Led Zeppelin's Black Dog and the other The Jesus Lizard's own Glamorous.  All I can say was it was one hell of a drunken spectacle and I mean that in the very best way.  Yow at one point bounced the mic off of the ceiling and even tackled the guitar player in mid-song.  I honestly thought that I was possibly witnessing Yow's last ever live performace to an audience of maybe 15 people.  This was shortly after Scratch Acid's reunion shows which I think most people thought would be the final bow of his amazing career.  This show seemed to be a one-time "special guest" kind of thing he did with a couple of his friend's for fun and nothing more.  Luckily for all of us it turned into a full-time gig.  So obviously they are compared to The Jesus Lizard all the time.  Are they as good as Jesus Lizard?  The answer is "no" or maybe I should say "not yet."  Since that show I've seen them play maybe 7 or 8 times and I've gotta say they get better and better with every show.  Matt and Paul (the other guys...) keep improving at playing their instruments every time I see them.  They just keep getting tighter and tighter.  So even though Love's Miracle may not hold up to JL's Goat or Head it's still a solid album.  I have a feeling the next one's going to blow everyone away.  I've read in interviews with Yow that the Jesus Lizard's demise was the result of Mac McNielly leaving the band, and that after he left it became more like a job and just wasn't fun anymore.  With Qui he seems to be having a blast and could probably give a shit if anyone likes it or not.  It's a hell of a lot better than the crap that Duane Denison's done lately anyways.  I also included a couple of guest tracks he did with the LA band's Geronimo and Model/Actress.

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  1. Well, I was a mad fan of Jesus Lizard at the time, and I was happy to see your post about QUI (I didn't new about it, in fact I'm into post-post-punk and I had nearly forgotten all that I was listening to during the nineties, but not anymore now, I'm deeply back into all those kind of music ;) ).
    I'm afraid I dont like very much this album, even if I really tried to, but, well, no excitment, it's a bit, how can I say, cheap. Or is it the way of the singing, I don't know. I should try again !

    (by the way I also got a blog with some AmRep and stuff like that, you should check it :