Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Fly Republic - Plane Explodes En Route To Heaven (2001?)

This was one of Paul Sanders' post-Hammerhead bands after a super short lived band called moreRam which also featured Matt Entsminger of Janitor Joe.  They put out a 7" and if I ever take the effort to try and figure out how to rip vinyl to MP3's maybe I'll post it someday.  Anyways, so Fly Republic never actually had a proper release and the only reason I have this to post is because I wrote the bass player who sent me a CDR that she made.  It did come with a homemade sleeve which if anyone's really interested maybe I'll try to dig it out and scan at some point.  It's just a home recording and the quality is pretty awful.  So don't expect this to be on par with Into The Vortex by any means.  This is really for the die-hard Hammerhead fan so don't get your hopes up too much.  I am one of those die-hard fans and at one time I had another home recording of a side project called Spitcool (with Erickson and Morridian), a pre-Hammerhead band called Buttchuck with Erickson (on drums!), Mike Kunka of Godheadsilo and Paul Wenner of Fireballs Of Freedom.  That one goes way back to their Fargo days.   I may have to go dig in my parents basement to try and find those...  Sorry I'm getting sidetracked but I haven't thought of those tapes in years.  What I'll probably remember most about this record was that I received it in the mail on September 11, 2001.  Considering the title of the album it was just one hell of a creepy coincidence.  That's a true story.


  1. i am having a hard time downloading this...i would love to have a copy of these recordings. I am a HUGE AMREP and godheadSilo fan. Any way i can get you to send me a link. BTW, yr blog is KILLER!!!!!


  2. what is the psw?

  3. This is super cool and I didn't know about it til now, thanks