Thursday, 18 September 2008

Regulator Watts - The Aesthetics Of No Drag (1997)

Regulator Watts was Alex Dunham of Hoover's follow up band.  Not really far off from the Hoover sound.  The band name is even taken from a Hoover song.  Maybe a little more aggressive.  It definitely fits into the whole DC/Discord scene from back in it's heyday, and was even released on Discords sister label Slowdime.  If this is something you like I would also recommend Dunham's other bands Abilene and Radio Flyer.  For fans of Fugazi.


  1. fuck fugazi
    I like this band better!

  2. by the way:

  3. Thanks for the link. Didn't have that one. Also thanks for leaving a comment. I was starting to wonder if anyone visits this blog. We have people make requests and don't leave so much as a "Thank You" after posting their requests.

  4. well, I didn´t actually thank you, so...
    thanks a lot for keeping this blog going. I really appreciated. sometimes it makes me go back to my record collection, sometimes I just download stuff to check it out and sometimes I end up buying stuff online.
    thanks a lot, man, keep the ball rolling!