Thursday, 11 September 2008

Budd - Yakfat (1993)

Great noise-rock band from Melbourne that much to my surprise are still together after all of these years.  Had no idea??  Anyways, I had a cassette copy of this EP back when I was a kid that a friend made for me that is now long lost.  One day for whatever reason I got the Fogman song stuck in my head even though I hadn't heard it in like 15 years.  At that point I had to track it down and found some guy online in Australia that was willing to do a trade for it.  And you know what?  I like it even better now.  So don't feel the slightest bit of guilt for downloading this for free because it's long out of print and was probably a rare find even when it was still in print.  At least here in the U.S. anyways.  I can't even find the album artwork anywhere.


  1. More Guilt Free Downloads!!

    Love the blog..thanks

  2. Craig Westwood wasn't in Budd back then but he is now. Around Yakfat time he released the awesome Yeast EP with Christbait. Check out here: for free downloads of 'Yeast' and solo stuff

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    Please re-up.

  4. I've uploaded Budd's Naf and Yakfat in high quality FLAC format here:

    Enjoy :-)

  5. Thanks CH for the FLAC's. Does anyone have Prana, Ovit and self titled Budd? I bought their new Jawa CD at their gig last week. I want it all.

  6. I have ovit & s/t
    suck it